How ‘Bout Them Apples?

Lord knows everyone knows its apple season!  We get over 20 varieties of apples—all from our local farm partners! We use two terrific orchards for most of our apples; Scott Farm in Dummerston down in the southern part of Vermont and  Moores Orchard up in Pomfret.


Believe it or not, Macintosh are not our top seller, it’s the prolific Honeycrisp apple!  Honeycrisps were developed at the Horicultural Research Center at the University of Minnesota back in the 60’s.  Most reports have the Honeycrisp as a hybrid of the local favorite Macoun and the Honeygold apple, not found around these parts.

The folks in Minnesota really nailed it.  Every year there is more clamoring over whether “the Honeycrisps have arrived” than any other apple I can ever remember.  And no wonder…it’s like the miracle apple with all things wrapped in one: more sweet than tart but still tart enough to satisfy even the most fussy apple connoisseurs; very, very juicy—sometimes you gotta stand over the sink to eat them; and finally they are nice and crisp too with a thinner skin that allows a nice a pop with that first bite.

The Macoun—found all over the northeast—is probably the second hottest selling apple we carry every fall.  It’s the cousin of the Macintosh with a much sweeter finish, plus it’s got drier mouth feel than the typically tart Mac.  It’s one of the best all around eating apples: crisp, juicy and sweetly tart.

But check out all these other varieties that will be coming in or are here now from our local farmers:

  • Jonagold
  • Cortland
  • Empire
  • Cox Orange Pippen
  • Blue Pearmain
  • Gala
  • Braeburn
  • Mac
  • Shizuka
  • Mutsu
  • Liberty
  • Northern Spy
  • Franc Rambour
  • Lamb Abby
  • Hubbardston
  • Snow or “Farmeuse”
  • Holstein
  • Red Free
  • Karmijn de Sonnaville
  • Black Gilliflower

Apple Weekend
Friday, September 23rd – Sunday, September 25th

Come celebrate with us this weekend for our annual Apple Weekend! We have some great specials going on Friday-Sunday:

  • $1 Off Apple Bags
  • 10% off apple pies, apple crisp, apple galettes, and apple bars
  • 10% off apple cider half gallons
  • Stowe Hard Cider tasting on Friday, September 23rd from 4-6pm

September at the Market

It’s September, folks. Back to school, leaves are beginning to change, and pumpkin spice is making it’s way into everything we eat and drink. We have a pretty great month planned out here at the market, so check it out:

September Specials Blog

Brighten Up Your Garden Now

We know it’s hard with the kids going back to school and last minute family BBQ’s—the last thing we want to deal with is ripping apart our barrels, window boxes or patio pots.  But honestly, there are a ton of great late summer and plants that can completely transform your gardens.  Bonus! Many of these fall color splashes are cold hardy too. Swing by the market this Labor Day weekend to grab some great perennials on sale. Check out our holiday flyer for everything else happening at the market.

Perennial  Perennial 2

  • For bright colors, we have a great selection of jumbo annuals that are new and fresh, including celosias, annual salvias, angelonias, rudbeckias, marigolds, and petunias. For nice fillers, we have dusty millers, licorice plants, vinca vines, and lysimachias.
  • For anchor plants mix in annual fountain grasses, hardy mums and asters, and ornamental cabbages and kales.  Later, small pumpkins and decorative gourds can be added for seasonal interest.
  • One other fun idea is to use perennial plants,  such as hosta, aneone, goldsturm rudbeckias, coral bells, veronicas, or coreopsis in your planters, and then transplant into your garden for next year.

Von Trapp Brewery

It’s the weekend so let’s talk beer. Von Trapp started in the spring of 2010 up in Stowe, VT at the, you guessed it, Von Trapp Family Lodge. They currently brew around 50,000 gallons of Austrian style lager each year, with brews available year-round and seasonally.

In 2015 they opened a new 30,000 sq. ft. brewery featuring a Rolec Brew House and capable of producing up to 50,000 barrels of beer annually.  So if you’re looking for some delicious beer for the weekend, grab a 6 pack of two of Von Trapp.

Oh, and all packs are 15% off all weekend.

Von Trapp 1
Photo from

Von Trapp 2
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We’re carrying three of their brews in the market right now, and below are our Beer Geek Steve’s tasting notes:

Vienna Lager
Light reddish in color with a slightly sweet aroma.  Low hop bitterness and a strong malty taste.

Golden straw colored, herbal/spicy aroma.  Significant hop bite but nothing too extreme.  Toasted bread, biscuit-like malt flavor.  Crisp and clean finishing.

The German answer to Pilsners.  Clear, bright golden color with a light citrus/bread aroma. Slight sweetness permeates with just a hint of hop spiciness. Clean and crisp.


Last Call for August Specials

Can you believe it’s almost September? Don’t miss out on the end of the month specials. If you’re wondering what we have up our sleeves for September, we have three words for you: apples, beer, and pizza. Stay tuned for all the details!

August Specials

Wood Mountain Fish

A long time ago a scrawny, unshaven kid kept bugging me about buying fish.  I have to tell you, I am not one to deal with pushy people.  I am a careful, only child and it has taken me years to trust my gut about first impressions.  So when Ethan kept pushing me, I basically turned the other way.

Until one day, I buckled and he brought us the most incredible fish, I could not believe my eyes.

Years later, our relationship with Ethan is on firm ground.  He is a great guy. He gets us the best fish, hands down, of anyone we deal with.  His prices sometimes are a little higher, but in my mind, it’s well worth it when you know where your fish is coming from.  Ethan works down in Boston, and you can often find him in the middle of the night working with top notch fisherman, cutting the best fish.

Ethan Wood

It’s so important these days to know where your food comes from.  It’s the cornerstone of why the Farmers’ Market exists.  It’s critical we deal with the best vendors and farmers, the experts who know what the best is for you and your family.

That’s Ethan. When he comes to WFM twice a week directly from Boston, we know we are getting the best of what’s available and you are getting it ocean fresh.  During the wintertime, you might even see him zipping around the ski slopes. From docks to chairlifts in one day, now that’s impressive.

Check Farmers’ this weekend as we celebrate the 4th with a tribute to Ethan’s company, Wood Mountain Fish with great prices on his seafood—all weekend long.

Take a peek into the world of Wood Mountain Fish:

– Patrick

July 4th Sneak Peek

It’s officially summer here at the market! We’re gearing up for a great July 4th weekend so check it out this sneak peek:

July 4th flyer

Father’s Day Picks


Father’s Day is this Sunday! We have some fun specials going on this weekend. Check out our Father’s Day flyer.  If you’re looking for a gift for your dad, we have some dad-drool-worthy gift picks. Take a peek at a few of our favorites:


Bittermilk No. 1 – Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned Mixer
Yes. What dad doesn’t want a delicious craft cocktail? Check out Bittermilk cocktail mixers out of Charleston, South Carolina. Here’s what they’ve got to say about their Old Fashioned: We’ve recreated this gentlemen’s cocktail by using classic bittering agents like gentian root and cinchona bark along with burnt sugar, spices and a bit of orange peel. Aged in Willett bourbon barrels to allow the flavors to come together and ramp up the intensity. It is super concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. Best with aged spirits. Stir 1 part No.1 + 4 parts rye in a glass with ice. Garnish with an orange peel.

Mason Stones
Gives new meaning to “on the rocks” Keep your booze cold with these handy stones. Carved from soapstone, these non-porous cubes can be kept in your freezer until cocktail hour. Pop a few in your glass and enjoy a chilled one on the rocks without any dilution.


Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Plymouth cheese is just up the road from us in Bridgewater, VT. Not only do we love their cheese, but their packaging is solid. We think that the package design combined with the flavor of these cheese will impress any dad. Check out the different styles:

  • Original Plymouth (red) is a full-bodied heritage cheese whose sharp flavor is rounded out with notes of butter, fruit and nuts.
  • Hunter (black) is a classic Vermont extra-aged cheese. A robust, mature version of Original Plymouth distinguished by a bold sharpness with richly nuanced complexity.
  • Smoked (brown) is a mellow, creamy cheese, cold-smoked over hickory wood using traditional Vermont techniques for a rich, savory flavor.


Other Brother Extra Virgin Olive Oil Shorty

Their packaging is reminiscent of 1950s hand painted signage, ones that you would see advertising “oil changes” on mechanics building. Maybe that why we like this olive oil so much. It’s playful and delicious. All the olives are California grown and perfect for daily use.

Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind Smoked Maple Syrup

They bubble low temperature maple and beech wood smoke through maple syrup to create this smoky, sweet syrup. While it might not be the type of syrup you drizzle on pancakes, this makes for one heckuva staple in your kitchen. From chili to dips and marinades for the grill, this smoked maple syrup can add some great flavor to your cooking.



Route 4 Hip-Hops
Because beer! Hip hops is back in the market for the summer and it tastes the best out our own pint glasses. Don’t bother wrapping this, just have it waiting in the fridge for your dad. Easy to drink and delicious.

June at the Market

Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of summer here at the market! The garden center is buzzin’, iced coffees are being poured, and our grillin’ gears are turning. From fresh salad greens to olive oils, we have some pretty great specials happening during June. Check out all the deets:

June Specials One Page

Memorial Day Sale

You mean the world to us. Seriously. We want to thank you for helping us become who we are today. Whether you’re part of our day to day life or swing through on your travels, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Group Thank You

To say thank you, we’re throwing our annual Customer Appreciation Day on Memorial Day! On Monday, May 30th, we’re taking 20% off everything in the market. Yes, we mean everything. From sandwiches to olive oils and everything in between. We’ll be open 7:30am – 7pm, so don’t miss out.