Good Food=Great Energy


good food.2For the past few years we have been extremely fortunate to visit San Fransisco in January getting fired up and ready to go sharing ideas with our partners at the Good Food Retailers Collaborative and celebrating all the amazing artisan food producers at the Good Food Awards. The Good Food Foundation is the non profit umbrella overseeing an amazing group of over 500 small food producers and retailers country wide.

Our very own Amelia Rappaport, Lead Buyer and Minister of Culture presented the Confection Award and celebrated several Vermont winners: Big Picture Farm won for their Farmstead Chocolate Covered Caramels; Fat Toad Farm won for their Vanilla Bean Goat’s Milk Caramel Sauce and Vermont Amber Organic Toffee won for their Fennel Seed Toffee.

Other Vermont food artisans won too–Green Man Jam, Vermont Creamery, Grafton Village Cheese Co, and
Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont among others.

good food.1It was pretty cool to see Amelia up on stage with the likes of Alice Waters, Nell Newman and Winona Laduke. And it was very humbling yet invigorating that our little store in Woodstock stands on it’s own amongst the likes of the Di Bruno Brothers in Phillie, Bi-Rite in San Fransisco, Pastoral Wine and Cheese in Chicago and the Green Grape in Brooklyn. All these guys (and the other 16 Good Food Collaborative members) are nationally renowned and they have become great friends and partners, sharing ideas and motivations about feeding our communities and bringing food to the people. More than ever, we are jazzed to be the beacon of great food here in Vermont, testing the boundaries of taste and inviting everyone of all walks of life to the dinner table.

Here’s to an exciting 2017.good food.5  good food.4