Plymouth Artisan Cheese

We love Plymouth Cheese. Not just because their cheese is one of the tastiest, but because we love the people who make it.  We’re celebrating them this month by offering 10% off their Truffle cheese and Grace’s Choice!

Plymouth CheesePlymouth Cheese 2

These guys are down the road in Plymouth, VT which is only a 20 minute drive from the market so it’s as local as it can get. We think their story is best articulated through their words, so check out the back story of this cool cheese company:

“Since the start of his career, Jesse Werner—a native Vermonter and passionate cheesemaker—always held a vision to preserve the working landscape of his beloved Vermont, and took on the momentous task of reviving the original 1890 Coolidge-era granular curd recipe that the first European settlers brought to the new world. Just as this old-world formula was revitalized by Werner, the antique cheese factory and its equipment were also brought back to life, the result of which became an artisanal cheese company that today crafts cheeses all cut and waxed by hand, the way it was done over 125 years ago on the Plymouth homestead.

Enter Sarit Werner, Jesse’s wife, a former graphic designer for Ralph Lauren, who on one fateful day decided to pack her bags and leave the urban hustle of New York City for rural Vermont, to not only marry, but truly join forces with her man. It was Sarit’s fine art background and experience with bold visual language that, through a whimsical vision of branding, enhanced the Plymouth products to a new level of aesthetic appeal, helping make the cheeses a full-spectrum experience for all of the senses.

While the company’s roots are steeped in the green-pastured classics of Americana, in time Jesse and Sarit sought to explore variations on their cheeses, whose new flavors would take inspiration from the spices, elements and culinary personalities of other corners in the world. Using their signature heritage cheddar, Original Plymouth, as the basis, the husband-wife team went on to create a dynamic line of hand-waxed, cave-aged and blue cheeses that today comprise the Plymouth brand.”










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