VT 99 Sausage

“A vegetable farmer and a cheese maker meat in the middle…”

VT 99 2

Pete’s Greens from Stowe, VT and Jasper Hill Farm from Greensboro, VT have joined forces to create an incredibly delicious line of sausages. Both the vegetable farmer and cheesemaker are working together to pasture heritage breed pigs to go along with the seasonal rotation of the vegetable production/hay cropping. Together they are able to utilize land more continuously while building soil instead of depleting it. All of the veggie waste and whey goes directly to the pigs, which provides them a varied diet and help reduce waste. Pretty awesome.

They’ll be here this Saturday from 11:30pm-2:30pm slicing and tasting their meat! Oh, and they’re 15% off all month long! No excuse not to try it.
*photo from http://vt99meats.com/