Olive Table Olive Oil

Takis and Dianne Hinaris had always wanted to import their families’ extra virgin olive oil from Greece to the United States. His family has been in the olive oil business for over 100 years and some of his trees are over 3,000 years old so it was time to get this delicious oil over the states.  In 2012 they launched their first line of Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil right here in Woodstock!


Takis’s family farm is located in Kyparissia, an ancient coastal town along the east coast of southwest Greece where the topography features rolling mountains much like Vermont. Kyparissia has the perfect climate for growing olives which are known for extended hot summers and mild winters. Takis and his family are very rigid about picking the perfect olive for their olive oil, sticking to a schedule that make it so they will only pick during a 10 day window in November or December. Other larger farms concerned with just selling their oil on the open market will pick olives for months, not concerning themselves with the peak olive ripeness. We love these oils and use them in our salads, for cooking, and sometimes just to dip our bread in. Come in this month and take $3 off all of their bottles!