Red Kite Candy

Made by hand in the small town of Thetford, Vermont, Red Kite Candies epitomize the small-batch, artisanal foods we prize. Elaine McCabe has made her special sweets for years, finally turning her passion into a business when demand grew and word of mouth spread.


















Sourcing ingredients from Vermont is important to Elaine, and a big reason why her treats are so special. Organic Vermont milk and cream, and European-style cultured butter are the foundation of her products, which are enhanced with local maple syrup as well as Belgian chocolate and organic nuts. Her caramels are superb—rich and buttery, just chewy enough, and not cloyingly sweet. Our favorite are the Sea Salt caramels but the Chocolate caramels or the regular ones do give them a run for their money!

If toffee is more your thing then Red Kite Toffees will be right up your alley. They are made with that great Vermont butter, organic sugar, organic almonds and Belgian chocolate. Crunchy, rich, and sweetly flavored with vanilla and sea salt…and are made to order, hence the relatively short sell date on the bottom.

Join Elaine this Saturday from 10am-2pm and take 20% off her candy all month long!