Superbowl Sunday!

Okay, let’s get this out of the way first…GO PATS! (…hey, we’re in New England after all)
Whether you’re rooting for the Pats or the Eagles this Sunday, I think we all can come together for the food & drink. Check out our game day menu for all of your party needs. From wings to sandwich platters and our famous dips, we’ve got you covered. Plus! We’re doing Take & Bake Pizzas on Sunday from 12-6pm. Get your Game Day Grub on!
The grocery department is full of crowd pleasing snack that will be sure to land you a win on game day. Have you tried Paqua chips yet? My gosh, so good. inspired by those classic techniques, these guys make the crispiest tortilla chip around. Mix in their unique flavors like Haunted Ghost Pepper, Cool Salsa Verde, and Spicy Queso… and well, damn, you’ve got yourself a delicious snakc. One reason why they call themselves Paqui (rhymes with hockey) is because it’s the the Aztec word meaning “to be happy.” So eat chips and be happy!