Spring is in the Air

Passover and Easter are quickly approaching and we are more than excited to see several great products rolling in for the spring season! We’ve already seen the arrival of Easter lilies, tons and tons of jelly beans, challah, hot cross buns, matzah, and so much more!

One of our favorite foods worth celebrating this time of year is Vermatzah—a traditional matzah made by the Naga Bakehouse in Middletown Springs, VT. This outstanding artisan product is one of the coolest foods of the season—it’s wood-fired and a true farm to table product.

Traditionally, matzah is a yeast-less flatbread that hasn’t had time to rise. It was first made by Jews during the exodus from Egypt and their escape from slavery. Matzah continues to be a symbolic food for Passover and the celebration of spring, rebirth, and renewal.

The Naga Bakehouse is a small family run bakery that strives to follow this deep tradition in baking their Vermatzah. It is their mission to reconnect the food we eat with the story of where it comes from by growing many of their own ingredients and sourcing what’s left from local farmers. Every piece of their wood-fired matzah is made by hand in small batches, and baked by an open air wood oven. Their meticulous process and use of only Vermont grown grain can be followed from field to harvest to baking. Their work to connect modern ecology practices with ancient dietary laws and ethical standards across the board from food production, preparation and eating makes their Vermatzah an Eco-Kosher product. They see their process as a return to the past and a metaphor for getting back to the basics. Every box of Vermatzah also includes a packet of Vermont wheat berries as a further link to reconnect with the land and take part in the spring season of renewal.

Vermatzah offers up a great way to celebrate the Passover holiday with a focus on healthy eating and sustainable agriculture while also being tasty! Its roots spring deeply from tradition and there is a mindfulness incorporated into its process from when it is planted to the moment it arrives to WFM that makes it a must have for all of us here at the market!