Grafton Village Cheese

Located in southern Vermont, Grafton Village cheese makes delicious cheddar and specialty cheeses by hand, using raw milk from small family farms. When fall hits, their cheddar flies off our shelves. From creamy grilled cheeses to cheddar and apple pie, there isn’t much we can’t do with their cheese. Plus! Their profits go to help promote Vermont’s rural communities through their parent company the Windham Foundation.













The Grafton Cooperative Cheese Company was founded in 1892 by dairy farmers who gathered together in a cooperative to make their surplus raw milk into cheese. In 1912, a fire destroyed the original factory. Several decades later, the nonprofit Windham Foundation restored the company in the mid-1960s, and a new era for the town was born. Today, quality and taste are the hallmarks of Grafton’s award-winning cheeses.

Learn more about their farm and cheese making process in the video below:

They’ll be here this Saturday from 11am-3pm sampling their delicious cheese. Plus! We’re putting their cheese on sale all month:

  • 15% off their clothbound cheddar
  • All 1lb blocks
    1 year      reg: 12.09   sale: 10.29
    2 year      reg: 12.99   sale:10.99
    smoked   reg: 14.49    sale:12.99


VT 99 Sausage

“A vegetable farmer and a cheese maker meat in the middle…”

Pete’s Greens from Stowe, VT and Jasper Hill Farm from Greensboro, VT have joined forces to create an incredibly delicious line of sausages. Both the vegetable farmer and cheese maker are working together to pasture heritage breed pigs to go along with the seasonal rotation of the vegetable production/hay cropping. Together they are able to utilize land more continuously while building soil instead of depleting it. All of the veggie waste and whey goes directly to the pigs, which provides them a varied diet and help reduce waste. Pretty awesome.

They’ll be here this Saturday at 11am slicing and tasting their meat! Oh, and they’re 15% off this month! No excuse not to try it.
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Spring Brook Farm Cheese

About 10 miles south of Farmers’ is one of the best kept secrets around, a working farm that allows urban kids to taste a little country and a lot cheese. Farms For City Kids Foundation at Spring Brook Farm in Reading, VT has been in operation since 1994, bringing groups of children to the farm a week at a time to experience a farming lifestyle such as learning to take care of farm animals, helping with making maple syrup, and teaching kids how to make great cheese.

Check out their cheese on sale this month:

  • Tarentaise  Now $25.29 (was $26.29)
  • Ashbrook  Now $16.99 (was $19.99)
  • Reading  Now $16.99 (was $19.99)






































The farm is open to visitors and the cheese house is designed to allow students and visitors to watch the cheese making process. Most importantly though, the Farm affords young kids the incredible opportunity to study things like economics, chemistry, microbiology, food preservation, health and nutrition in a working farm environment.For more information about Cobb Hill Farm, check out their website and Facebook

Learn more about the farm:

Cobb Hill Cheese

Cobb Hill Cheese has been handcrafting farmstead artisan cheese on their farm in Hartland, Vermont. Every batch of cheese is made from fresh milk every other day. Cedar Mountain Farm’s jersey cows provide a rich milk which imparts a delicious, nutty flavor to the cheese. Vermont cheese at its best and only 11 miles away from the market! Their Ascutney Mountain cheese is on sale through the rest of the month: Now $20.99/lb Was $25.99/lb. Besides making delicious cheese, you can also find their line of frozen yogurts here at the market. Why yes, we are suggesting you treat ‘yo self to a sweet treat tonight. You can thank us later.

Black River Meats

We don’t believe you should have to guess where your food comes from and how it comes to you. Black River Meats, out of Springfield, VT, started with a strong belief in the potential of connecting small farms throughout Vermont and the Northeast with the ready market of discerning, conscientious consumers. Consumers who want quality meat from farms that prioritized the health and well-being of their animals in a way that larger commodity factory farms do not. Their suppliers follow stringent quality standards and protocol, raising their animals with care and without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. Working closely with these farmers, Black River Meats is able to ensure the consistent quality while not sacrificing our commitment to the well-being of the animals.

We believe in doing business with Black River Meats because it helps our small farmers. Helping smaller farms get their product out into the community helps Vermont and other Northeast farms continue providing quality, sustainable meats. We have built a relationship with them over the past few years and believe in the work that they do. It’s a good feeling when you know where your food is coming from and know that there are good people out there making it possible. To learn more about Black River Meats check out their website and their Instagram.

Local = Love

So what’s up with our Local Food is Love promo? Sure, we sell a ton of local stuff all year–in fact, we’ve received many accolades over the years from our friends at the Vermont Fresh Network.

But we think it’s fun to highlight some of our very loyal farmers, producers, and makers during peak season so that you can better appreciate all the lovin’ and hard work they do–often on small farms or in small basements, small kitchens or small spaces–all over our region, from Massachusetts and Eastern New York to western New Hampshire and all of Vermont.

Local means many things to us: small batch, great ingredients, short channel, caring and LOVE. We LOVE to know where our food is coming from and LOVE to curate that process just for you.

Local means you don’t have to worry about the food chain as much. Local means you are eating great food and building both community and economy locally.

Local food is truly LOVE and we hope you enjoy the celebration and highlights (and some special pricing) of a boat load of local producers all summer long.  Check out our July flyer for more deets.

And here’s a quick couple of videos highlighting two local producers! Check ’em out!




Lobster Rolls & More!










Join us every Friday night this summer for our famous lobster roll dinners. Includes a lobster roll, housemade clam chowder, and our famous coleslaw. All for only $17.99! Can’t beat that. So c’mon down and kick off your weekends in the most delicious way possible.



We’re Berry Excited!

Local strawberries are here and we’re super excited about it. We’re getting in some delicious berries from 4 Corners Farm in Newbury, VT and Edgewater Farm in Plainfield, NH.
Check out our local food report to find out what local produce we’re carrying.








Beef & Beer

This week’s meat special:
15% our own burger patties
This week’s beer tasting:
Zero Gravity Brewery
Friday, June 22nd 4-6pm
10% off through the end of June!








Farmers’ Catering

From small meetings to large parties, we’re here for all of your good food needs. We begin with your vision, add our finest locally sourced food available, and then handcraft a truly unforgettable food experience.
Check out our full catering menu






June at the Market

We’re kicking off summer the right way! From our annual ‘Beef & Beer’ celebration to Father’s Day, we’re running specials on some great grillin’ meat and local beers. Check out what’s happening!


Planting Time

It seems we’ve finally got rid of this crazy winter and we’re good to go with summer planting! Of course we say this now and suddenly we’ll get a Memorial Day frost!! (Just kidding!)

Anyhow, come on down to Farmers’ for the best in local annuals, perennials and even Vermont premium soils and Moo Doo products.

And check out our annual of the week! Gazania! Gazanias are cool, non fussy annuals in Vermont (though perennials in the south) and perfect for window boxes and borders.  Confused often with African Daisys, the Gazania reaches 6 to 18 inches and produces gorgeous yellows, oranges and pinks depending on the variety.  Good in dry areas, poor soil, hot areas as well as cool.  The blooms will close up on cool wet days and then explode when the sun comes back out.

Come on down and check it out!!

Mother’s Day Weekend

Moms are pretty magical. We’re not sure how they do all that they do, but we’re in awe. They are real life super heroes. So go ahead and make her breakfast in bed. Buy her flowers. Treat her to dinner at her favorite spot.  Life is too short to not appreciate the important people in our lives, so thank you to all the moms out there! We wouldn’t be here without you.