How ‘Bout Them Apples?

Lord knows everyone knows its apple season! We get over 20 varieties of apples—all from our local farm partners! We use two terrific orchards for most of our apples–Scott Farm in Dummerston down in the southern part of Vermont, Moores Orchard up in Pomfret and Champlain Orchard in Shoreham.

The crop for most part is pretty good this year—but there have been some issues on some varieties with the rain we’ve had this fall.

Our top seller?? The prolific HONEYCRISP apple! Honeycrisps were developed at the Horicultural Research Center at the University of Minnesota back in the 60’s. Most reports have the Honeycrisp as a hybrid of the local favorite Macoun and the Honeygold apple, not found around these parts.

The folks in Minnesota really nailed it. Every year there is more clamoring over whether “the Honeycrisps have arrived” than any other apple I can ever remember. And no wonder…it’s like the miracle apple with all things wrapped in one: more sweet than tart but still tart enough to satisfy even the most fussy apple connoisseurs; very, very juicy—sometimes you gotta stand over the sink to eat them; and finally they are nice and crisp too with a thinner skin that allows a nice a pop with that first bite.

The Macoun—found all over the northeast—is probably the second hottest selling apple we carry every fall. It’s the cousin of the Macintosh with a much sweeter finish, plus it’s got drier mouth feel than the typically tart Mac. It’s one of the best all around eating apples: crisp, juicy and sweetly tart. (It’s been a tough Macoun year—so the crop is a bit variable in our area this year…)

But check out all these other varieties that will be coming in or are here now from our local farmers!

-Cox Orange Pippen
-Sheeps Nose
-Northern Spy