Local = Love

So what’s up with our Local Food is Love promo? Sure, we sell a ton of local stuff all year–in fact, we’ve received many accolades over the years from our friends at the Vermont Fresh Network.

But we think it’s fun to highlight some of our very loyal farmers, producers, and makers during peak season so that you can better appreciate all the lovin’ and hard work they do–often on small farms or in small basements, small kitchens or small spaces–all over our region, from Massachusetts and Eastern New York to western New Hampshire and all of Vermont.

Local means many things to us: small batch, great ingredients, short channel, caring and LOVE. We LOVE to know where our food is coming from and LOVE to curate that process just for you.

Local means you don’t have to worry about the food chain as much. Local means you are eating great food and building both community and economy locally.

Local food is truly LOVE and we hope you enjoy the celebration and highlights (and some special pricing) of a boat load of local producers all summer long.  Check out our July flyer for more deets.

And here’s a quick couple of videos highlighting two local producers! Check ’em out!