Wood Mountain Fish

A long time ago a scrawny, unshaven kid kept bugging me about buying fish.  I have to tell you, I am not one to deal with pushy people.  I am a careful, only child and it has taken me years to trust my gut about first impressions.  So when Ethan kept pushing me, I basically turned the other way.

Until one day, I buckled and he brought us the most incredible fish, I could not believe my eyes.

Years later, our relationship with Ethan is on firm ground.  He is a great guy. He gets us the best fish, hands down, of anyone we deal with.  His prices sometimes are a little higher, but in my mind, it’s well worth it when you know where your fish is coming from.  Ethan works down in Boston, and you can often find him in the middle of the night working with top notch fisherman, cutting the best fish.

Ethan Wood

It’s so important these days to know where your food comes from.  It’s the cornerstone of why the Farmers’ Market exists.  It’s critical we deal with the best vendors and farmers, the experts who know what the best is for you and your family.

That’s Ethan. When he comes to WFM twice a week directly from Boston, we know we are getting the best of what’s available and you are getting it ocean fresh.  During the wintertime, you might even see him zipping around the ski slopes. From docks to chairlifts in one day, now that’s impressive.

Check Farmers’ this weekend as we celebrate the 4th with a tribute to Ethan’s company, Wood Mountain Fish with great prices on his seafood—all weekend long.

Take a peek into the world of Wood Mountain Fish:

– Patrick